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 slaying blazes

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13 Days of iCarly - Day 10

Favorite guest star?

I AM SUCH AN INDECISIVE PERSON. So, I had always decided flat out that Jim Parsons was my favorite guest star on iCarly, but then they announced that Emma Stone would be making an appearance. And I just kinda lost it.

So, here we go.

"And in the year 2041, the entire state of California… kerplunk! Into the ocean!"

I think I loved that line specifically because I’m from California. And when Gibby lamented the loss of the celebrities, I just kinda lost it. I love Jim Parsons on Big Bang Theory, and I love him as Caleb here. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite line is still his Virginia line, because it was just so ridiculous, and his hand gestures and everything made me crack up so hard. Also, when he just sat there laughing hysterically at the static in the TV, and Sam just watched him with this expression of disdain, it made my week.


"He’s in the men’s room."


I don’t think you understand how hard I was laughing through her entire scene. The way she just charges into the men’s room, I was in tears. She had like, what, five lines? Best five lines ever. Flawless guest appearance. I love Emma Stone so much. Woman basically had me cracking up as soon as she appeared and dropped her cup.

This would’ve been a lot longer, but I just ran out of time, and the past few days have kinda burned me out at this point.

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