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 slaying blazes

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I’m sad because this is the last time I’m gonna get to do this… Anyways…

  1. The scene begins and Stevie is resting her head on Zander’s shoulder. Everyone else is looking at the guard, but she is just a little too comfortable to care.
  2. See? Oh, but Zander’s not really looking at the guard anymore either. Okay, then. Lost in their own little world.
  3. Awww, but Stevie still wants to comfort poor Kevin because his food doesn’t taste good for once. Sweetheart, that one. But you two are still looking extremely cozy there.
  4. Zander, your head has tilted towards hers. That’s real sweet and everything, but I’m just a tad bit on the dead side, thanks.
  5. YEP, YOUR HEAD IS DEFINITELY TILTED. GAH, YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE. SO CUTE. (That really escalated quickly, didn’t it?)
  6. Omg, Stevie, your hand. Really? Okay. (And bonus, Grace smiling at them. I know exactly who’s extremely giddy about this. ;D)
  7. So, Zander, you put your hand back down, only to rest it on hers? OKAY. O K A Y.
    *Bonus, Nelson and Grace looking very cute, indeed.
  9. Okay, that look just means you two are secretly dating. I will be convinced of nothing else. ZANDER, IS YOUR LEG ALMOST ON TOP OF HERS? GDI.

And so, there it is. Last screencapping/commentary I’ll ever do for this show. I’m kinda really sad.

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