I slay blazes.
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 slaying blazes

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"What’s fun about Toph is that’s she a totally different kind of mentor figure as opposed to Katara or Zuko who are, you know, they’re a little bit more of the traditional kind of mentor. They’re patient, understanding, kind, and Toph is totally the opposite of that. It’s fun. She does help Korra get better. Not all of the way better, but helps her on her journey for sure. But she does it in a very Toph-like fashion."

Michael Dante Dimartino on Toph, X

Yup, it’s going to be Bitter Work all over again. 

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Quick sketch~


Cutting off hair in ancient Asia (Japan, China, Korea & possibly some other asian cultures) symbolizes being banished or rejected from their home. In the more modern age that is now, cutting long hair into short cut means to forget the past, leaving the old and starting anew.x




oh my gooooooosh


oh my gooooooosh

"I am the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!"


have a transparent korra and wan to do with what you wish ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

[bigger versions]:

korra | wan