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 slaying blazes

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I literally cannot wait for you guys to see How to Rock Cee-Lo on August 18.

Why this is one of my favorite episodes, a list by. Lulu Antariksa:

  1. 3 incredible songs. Including a Cee-Lo cover. Gravity 5 AND the Perfs perform I danced my heart out during the fimling of this episode.
  2. Some very, very messy comedy including but not limited to; mayo, blue slime, sandwiches, smoke machines, popcorn and monocles.
  3. A very intense friendship scene between Gravity 5, in which Niq and I started crying during filming. And I don’t cry.
  4. Maybe a little Zevie..? Little Zacey..? HMMMMMMM?

Well, you guys should mark your calendars, because this is going to be a great one.