I slay blazes.
Sheree. (It means "dear" in French.) Aged 22 and a big ol' nerd, most of the time I think I'm hilarious. I hope my (multi-fandom) blog makes you a little happier. Click on 'tags' if you wanna know more about my blog; click on 'about me' if you wanna know more about, well, me.

Sometimes I liveblog things and make personal posts. My tags showcase my personality.

Balancing school and blogging means queue is always on.

 slaying blazes

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do you ever know the answer to a question in class but you don’t want to say it and the teacher is looking round at everyone and you’re tempted to say it but just before you get the chance to, the teacher tells you the answer and everyone is mind-blown and stares at the teacher in complete awe like they’re the most intelligent being ever and you just sit there like i knew that

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im funnier online where I can’t stutter

If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet. If you must speak, speak every word as though it were unique. If you must die, sweetheart. Die knowing your life was my life’s best part. And if you must die, remember your life. 

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apparently girls don’t like wearing bras. who knew. 

Or pants.

We like to be naked

This is true

And I think it’s a good idea to let these women be who they want to be.

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stable wifi means a stable me


give me margaery tyrell pov chapters or give me death

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I have a thing for strong badass men falling in love with strong badass women and fully acknowledging the fact that they are 100% whipped. 

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have you ever been following someone for a while but they’ve changed their url, icon, and theme so many times that you literally have no idea who they are anymore but you’ve been in mutual follow with them so long that it’s unacceptable to ask



Why do some Targets have those big red concrete orbs out in front of them what purpose do those big red concrete orbs serve