I slay blazes.
Sheree. (It means "dear" in French.) INFP. Aged 22 and a big ol' nerd, most of the time I think I'm hilarious. I hope my (multi-fandom) blog makes you a little happier.

Sometimes I liveblog things and make personal posts. My tags showcase my personality. I'm also angry at the patriarchy.

Queue is always on.

 slaying blazes

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July 21, 1997, no one had heard of you. But one decade later, there are queues at the door; people placing their order and shouting for more. How far you have come.

Enchanted the world with a story you wrote, of a boy who was ordinary. And now parents read to children to have long been asleep, because they want to know more about wizard Harry. I’m grateful for all that you’ve taught me, and inspired me to do. You showed me good triumphs over evil, and you taught the whole world how to read.

So thank you, Ms. JK Rowling, thank you so much for Harry.

Though all seven books have been finished and read, the magic is still burning strong. And we who were there will never forget the anticipation we felt for so long.