I slay blazes.
Sheree. (It means "dear" in French.) INFP. Aged 22 and a big ol' nerd, most of the time I think I'm hilarious. I hope my (multi-fandom) blog makes you a little happier.

Sometimes I liveblog things and make personal posts. My tags showcase my personality. I'm also angry at the patriarchy.

Queue is always on.

 slaying blazes

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"Peter Parker’s this really nerdy guy, he’s not that attractive, girls don’t like him that much. Tobey Maguire really nailed that because that’s kind of himself in real life. But you, Andrew Garfield, you just emit this swagger and all the girls can attest it and they love you. So how do you tone down your awesomeness to play Peter Parker?"

stevie baskara → how to rock braces and glasses