I slay blazes.
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Sometimes I liveblog things and make personal posts. My tags showcase my personality. I'm also angry at the patriarchy.

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 slaying blazes

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WATCH: Max Schneider, Victoria Justice, and Kurt Hugo Schneider cover “Say Something” by A Great Big World

But how does Jon McLaughlin music.

His songs though.

How are they all perfect?

Reblog this if you genuinely loved the LOK finale. 


Because all I’m seeing is the hate and its making me frustrated.


[future!stevie meets past!sam & past!freddie; a.k.a mom and dad.]

stevie: kiwi colada, extra large, jamaican plastic cup…
freddie: we… didn’t ask for this?
stevie: i know, it’s on the house. i just thought you should try it; it’ll be your new favorite right after the first sip! believe me, i know what i’m talking about.
sam: uh, and who are you? the kiwi colada expert?
freddie: sam! i’m sorry…
stevie: heh, it’s okay. you get used to it… and i’m stevie. stevie ben- benedict! benedict… like the eggs!
sam: dude! i love that name! and i LOVE eggs benedict!
stevie: yeah… dad wanted my name to be marissa, after my grandma, but mom told him if he didn’t let her name me stevie she’d kick him in places that really shouldn’t be kicked.
freddie: …sounds familiar.
stevie: you have no idea…


Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Matt Bennett, and Ashley Argota on Figure It Out Get Slimed Sneak Peek


Award-winning actor Jeremy Renner


Award-winning actor Jeremy Renner


This man went to college, apparently. Well played, sir. Well played.