I slay blazes.
Sheree. (It means "dear" in French.) INFP. Aged 22 and a big ol' nerd, most of the time I think I'm hilarious. I hope my (multi-fandom) blog makes you a little happier.

Sometimes I liveblog things and make personal posts. My tags showcase my personality. I'm also angry at the patriarchy.

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 slaying blazes

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Anonymous asked: "I didn't mean that female breasts are sexual organs. Biologically they are not that different from male breasts. But in this society and many others, the former are viewed as sexual and the latter are not. And I think social norms and constructions can be just as real as biological realities - they're more fluid but can shape our lives just as much."

so katrinabadina actually did point this out last night, but my computer had to go under a disk check so I didn’t actually respond.

I see what you’re saying, anon, I do. But I think the point of the post in question was to talk about how silly it seems for such social norms to be, well, norms. You have to realize that most of these societal norms rose out of the foundations of a patriarchal society, teaching women to hide their bodies and the like.

Now, people argue that some grow uncomfortable if these social norms were not in place, which, to me, begs the further question: what if these norms had never been in place? Would they still feel uncomfortable? Had society not been so founded on these patriarchal beliefs that evolved into the placement of such norms, would women have to be so conservative?

This is probably a much broader discussion than you or I mean it to be, but I’m just trying to explain to you why I even reblogged the post.

Does that… make sense?

Anonymous asked: "Female breasts are sexual and male breasts are not. Sure, biologically there may not be a huge difference, but in this society the difference is significant. And we can change society gradually, whatever, but it matters. Cultural norms and values matter, and humanity as we know it would not exist without a social fabric. I just don't get some of tumblrs arguments."


thecityofmarrow asked: "NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and send this to 10 of your favorite followers."

aww thanks for sending this <3

  1. my sense of smell is p great
  2. i’m very good with faces
  3. i have a tendency to remember birthdays (something that’s been horrendously debilitated since ice breaker hour at freshman orientation. bc honestly i was forced to remember FIFTY names in like an hour and that kinda just overloaded my memory capacity. i think my memory cells gave up after that. though, it could also be that blow to the head i suffered right after ice breaker hour… oops this got too long)
  4. i’m actually pretty good at math (*gasps*)
  5. i’m also a pretty fast reader

katrinabadina asked: "Princess Fangirl, the Patron Saint of Fabulously Reacting in the Tags"

o m g KATIE

you’re the best <3

Anonymous asked: "I was thinking about watching GMW however, growing up, I never watched BMW should I watch the latter before the former, how confused would I be if I did not (all I really know is Corey/Topanga get married & the kids wind up being the focus but are there other important things I would miss)"

Well I should think watching BMW before GMW would optimize your experience of the show overall, but since BMW came out so long ago, I’m sure there are people watching GMW now who haven’t seen BMW at all before

I just watched a few episodes with Megan last night and she enjoyed it enough without having seen any BMW before haha (though she did have me point out a few things along the way)

As it is, I think gmw is suuuper cute and since it’s only in it’s first few episodes, you can start on it for now, and if you feel like you’re missing stuff just head on the interwebs and watch yourself some BMW! :)))

faithandlovewillkeepmestrong asked: "April and November!!!"

April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour

- uhhhh this is really hard bc i like generally all hair colors? IF YOU HAVE GOOD HAIR YOU HAVE GOOD HAIR; AIN’T REALLY ANYTHING ABOUT THE COLOR. i will say i tend to crush more on dark hair types but theRE ARE EXCEPTIONS. and as for eye color i feel i have a weakness for blue eyes. (i definitely have a weakness for blue eyes it’s a problem.)

November: if I changed my name, what would it be

- if YOU changed your name, Sheeba? hahaha nah but… yo for srs i can barely nickname my goddamn Pokemon you expect me to just up and change my name? also i like my name. in sophomore year my Spanish teacher was a native French speaker who married a Turkish man and the way she said my name was awesome

Anonymous asked: "i was actually just hinting to whomever watches and writes fics. i know you help megan sometimes with hers. i have alot of feelings about gmw and they are mostly about riley/maya"

i mostly just have feelings about Maya in general but i like all the characters so

(Megan has not begun watching the show despite my efforts in showing her the good things. y’all should help.)

Anonymous asked: "somebody needs to write a maya/riley fic bc i neeed one. theres only 2 and my heart needs them."

is this a subtle hint for me to write fic because i haven’t done that since my last children’s show was cancelled at my feet


faithandlovewillkeepmestrong asked: "Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger for the Harry Potter ask meme! :-)"

Hermione Granger: What is your favorite book, how many times have you read it, and why do you love it?
A: i’m gonna take this to mean what is your favorite singular book and not series, and for that i’m gonna have to go with The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. it just shaped my imagination so much as a kid, and i’ve read and reread it countless times to date. i actually got my copy secondhand from one of my dad’s old friends, and there’s a little note in there too about how much they enjoyed it themselves. i’ve never met them, but the sentimental value is greatly appreciated :)

Luna Lovegood: One thing that makes you different from everyone else.
A: uhhhhh, i have a long ass surgery scar running down half of my torso and in certain lighting it makes me look like i have abs, which is p cool tbqh. but beyond physical differences i’d say that i’m different because i’m me. it sounds cliche but i ain’t give a damn :D

tsuncess asked: "*hugs you real tight* Would you please send this to the first ten people on your dash to keep it going? Make someone's day with a hug!"

awwww thank you <3

…i just realized you sent this 19 hours ago i am so sorry i didn’t respond sooner!