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 slaying blazes

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Anonymous asked: "I feel like Maya is the most interesting character in the show right now although I think both Riley & Farkle have the most room for growth But I am also really curious as to how the relationship dynamic between all four of them will grow and develop as time goes on. Because it's clear early on that Maya does not have faith in herself and can be easily discouraged or persuaded and it will be interesting to see how that factors into things later Dutch/Spanish speaking Farkle was also hysterical"

i felt Farkle was ooc in this most recent ep bc he was a lot meaner than Farkle’s supposed to be. like he got all “corporate CEO” and really ruthless. and i think as much as he wants to be like his father, he’s actually SO MUCH NICER THAN THAT. so i was very confused.

but yeah Maya so far has the most… depth? i mean Riley’s fantastic and young so that’s probably why. she’s so innocent happy with a wholesome family there doesn’t seem to be any darkness in her life at all. i hope she stays bright and happy forever though. really. Riley’s the glue.

i wanna know more about Lucas, though. it somehow feels like his parents are divorced and he lives in New York with his mother? please tell me more. we know he probably aspires to be Captain America with his country wholesome cornfed look and his really stringent moral values, but WHAT ELSE IS THERE? WHAT IS YOUR HISTORY? WHAT MAKES YOU TICK?

and Maya breaks my heart, so, she has that going for her.


oh okay um


  1. i generally do not suck at video games
  2. i’m not terrible at music things
  3. my skin’s p good
  4. i can remember trivia about films and their actors pretty well
  5. i used to have pretty good aim. i wonder if i still do if i try…

:D thanks

Anonymous asked: "LOL at that sign and "genetically mutilated". Did he mean "genitally"?"

i’m sure he did, anon. i’m sure he did.

Anonymous asked: ""Well, Gibby forgot us. To the bus stop!" "You're not mad?" Freddie asks nervously, but Sam only grins. "He swore this wouldn't happen so we made it interesting. He owes me 20 bucks!" So they wait. Freddie pulls two Twix bars from his backpack and hands one to Sam. "Thanks," she says, somehow inhaling the chocolate before he's even finished his first twix. "You look handsome today." Freddie chokes on his candy, and Sam gleefully plucks the second twix from his hand. "Not cool!" "You're welcome!""

i came back to my computer and i have fIVE OF THESE IN MY INBOX. SEDDIE ANON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEN

i cna’t believe

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Anonymous asked: "Sorry about that, bad mood made me grumpy My point was Final Fanatasy with the exception of the original, has always had great playable female characters, I mean I guess I could see not being able to play as Stella disappointing but we don't know what she does in the story and that doesn't change any of the other characters or eliminate games like X-2 or the entire XIII Trilogy plus Type-0 HD like I said has a even split plus she could still very well be critical, it's clear she knows something."

Apology appreciated and accepted, anon. I am indeed super disappointed about not being able to play as either Stella or Luna, since judging from the more recent FF games, they had been writing these really important heroines that people could identify with. And with the exclusion of playable ladies it kiiiinda felt like a slap in the face, ya know?

Almost like those previous ladies don’t mean anything if they can just take all the ladies out JUST LIKE THAT without any kind of complaint or backlash. Just kinda disappoints that the video game industry still feels like it’s going backwards.

And yes I know they’re still making games with playable females, but the fact this is a MAIN series - part of its officially numbered games - really kind of makes me sad. Had one of the spin-off games excluded females, it might not feel like such a big deal to me. But… Yeah.

Anonymous asked: "Even if FF XV has 0 playable female characters the cast is still 100% Japanese. Also, if it is that much of an issue anyone who is that bothered by it can get Final Fantasy Type-0 HD instead which also has a 100% Japanese cast & is a 50-50 split of female / male characters between the main 14 (all of which are playable)"

i wasn’t going to answer this. i really wasn’t. but do you realize what you just said to me was “who cares if there are no ladies because all the dudes are Japanese” ????


like, okay, i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, because it’s really a good thing that there’s representation.

why i’m really just so disappointed is this just seems like a giant step back from where Square Enix was, not to mention how excited i had been for there to be two main protagonists (male and female) when they first announced the game.

i do assume that your first instinct was to try and alleviate some of my negative feelings, and i appreciate that, but your second statement in recommending me an entirely different game in case i had “that much of an issue” with there being no playable female characters was borderline condescending and altogether passive aggressive.

so i had the entire day to think about this ask. i do not think i answered it as well as i should or could have. but i’m now off to play some Mass Effect as my very much female Commander Shepard and not think about maybe cancelling my preorder for FFXV for the time being.

Anonymous asked: "Okay I'm gonna say something because everytime I see that 'Egyptians aren't white' post it annoys me. You cannot expect a movie like Cleopatra to have starred any actress bar one of the most popular actresses of the time and that was Elizabeth Taylor. That movie is still one of the most expensive ever made and it's 2014. It did bomb so that also says something but the main point is it's very unfair to judge that casting based on that. It's not 'racist.' Okay rant over."

okay so you seem to be under the impression that i’m like super mad about Elizabeth Taylor being Cleopatra, and maybe i should’ve been more… uhhh… descriptive in my tags about my reasons for reblogging that post

for one thing, Elizabeth Taylor was fantastic. i mean, i watched part of Cleopatra and because it’s old as balls i didn’t finish watching it before i got bored. but that’s a personal preference with probably zero to do with that post.

but it’s still fair to judge it (and by “it” i mean her casting as Cleopatra) as racism. all of Hollywood was (and pretty much still is) racist. did you know a lot of actors were actually able to get more roles back in the ‘black and white era’ because through the filter you couldn’t tell they weren’t white? but i’m digressing.

the POINT is: yes of course big budget movies went to big actors i get it. I MEAN OF COURSE. but you know which actors were the big actors that got offered the big roles (especially when technicolor came ‘round)???? white actors

so yes, anon, i’d say it’s pretty fair to judge that post as dealing with racism

Anonymous asked: "Have there been any canon queer characters on AoS? Sorry I'm not trying to be contrary I just don't remember any so I'm confused, is it something from the comics?"

Haha thanks for being polite anon and no I didn’t think you were being contrary. The character most referred to in this case is Agent Victoria Hand, who, as you know, was tragically KILLED OFF. So yeah.

Anonymous asked: "I didn't mean that female breasts are sexual organs. Biologically they are not that different from male breasts. But in this society and many others, the former are viewed as sexual and the latter are not. And I think social norms and constructions can be just as real as biological realities - they're more fluid but can shape our lives just as much."

so katrinabadina actually did point this out last night, but my computer had to go under a disk check so I didn’t actually respond.

I see what you’re saying, anon, I do. But I think the point of the post in question was to talk about how silly it seems for such social norms to be, well, norms. You have to realize that most of these societal norms rose out of the foundations of a patriarchal society, teaching women to hide their bodies and the like.

Now, people argue that some grow uncomfortable if these social norms were not in place, which, to me, begs the further question: what if these norms had never been in place? Would they still feel uncomfortable? Had society not been so founded on these patriarchal beliefs that evolved into the placement of such norms, would women have to be so conservative?

This is probably a much broader discussion than you or I mean it to be, but I’m just trying to explain to you why I even reblogged the post.

Does that… make sense?

Anonymous asked: "Female breasts are sexual and male breasts are not. Sure, biologically there may not be a huge difference, but in this society the difference is significant. And we can change society gradually, whatever, but it matters. Cultural norms and values matter, and humanity as we know it would not exist without a social fabric. I just don't get some of tumblrs arguments."